March 27, 2017

CNVR Program Continues to Grow

The WBRC is known to actively develop and  provide treatment for all areas of vision impairment.   This is especially true for its Comprehensive Neurological Vision Rehabilitation (CNVR) program which was established in 2007.  Going into it’s 10th year of serving Veterans with visual impairments due to brain injury, stroke, motor vehicle accidents, falls, gunshot wounds or any other incident that has affected their vision neurologically, the WBRC has been vigilant to address their treatment needs. The CNVR treatment team provides one-on-one therapy as indicated.  This may include: Optometry evaluation and treatment, Neuropsychological testing and therapy, Speech and Language therapy, neurological vision rehabilitation, Recreation Therapy, treatment in the areas of activities of daily living , Orientation and Mobility, Manual Skills, Technology training as well as a Family Training Program. If interested in the program, please contact the VIST (Vision Impairment Service Team Coordinator) at your local VA for more information or to request a tour of our facility.

For more information, you may also contact Katie Taylor (CNVR coordinator at the WBRC) at 650-493-5000 x 24646


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