June 9, 2010


Image: A veteran participating in the WBRC power mobility program works
with his orientation and mobility instructor to practice
boarding the bus with his power mobility device.

Image: A veteran participating in the WBRC basic program works
with his orientation and mobility instructor on a VTA community
shuttle to increase his public transportation system knowledge.

Veterans who participated in the session worked one-on-one with their WBRC orientation and mobility instructors with drivers available to operate the doors, kneeling features, lifts, and ramps of the stationary vehicles. Veterans were able to become oriented to the vehicle layout while it was ‘out of service’, practice boarding and navigating inside the vehicles, talk to VTA drivers and staff, and learn more about public transportation. One veteran who participated in the session reported that he felt more at ease learning about the public transportation because he had plenty of time to learn the layout of the bus without feeling the pressure of working on a bus which was operating on a route.
WBRC is hoping to continue partnering with the VTA to arrange similar opportunities for veterans in the future. Celeste Oda, a VTA Accessible Services Representative, reported that VTA has free programs and training available to persons with disabilities who would like to learn how to access public transportation. She reported that many transit authorities have similar programs and that interested persons should contact their local transit authority for information about such training opportunities. More information about VTA programs can be found at the link below.

Click HERE for a link to the VTA Travel Training Web Page

Veterans participating in the WBRC orientation and mobility program had an opportunity to participate in a public transportation in-service through the Santa Clara Public Transit Authority (VTA). VTA dedicated one community shuttle and one city bus along with VTA drivers and VTA representatives to be present at the VA Palo Alto Veteran’s Hospital Campus for an afternoon in early June.