February 28, 2012

WBRC Settling in to New Space

Image: T-365 Floorplan Layout

WBRC is settling into the newly constructed 36,960 square foot T-365 building located at the VAPAHCS Menlo Park campus.  The 27 bed facility is intended to be a temporary location while the permanent Polytrauma and Blind Rehabilitation Center is constructed at the VAPAHCS Palo Alto campus.  Constructed of 52 modular sections, the one story design incorporates increased office and treatment spaces as well as some new features specially included for our unique needs. 

New Features:
·         Graphic Arts and Technology Lab
·         Research Lab
·         Ceramics Lab
·         Home Maintenance Training Classroom
·         Recreation Therapy Kitchen
·         Talking Book Library
·         Keyboard Typing Lab
·         Additional Optometry Exam Room
·         Dedicated CNVR Treatment Rooms
·         Staff Break Room
·         Additional Conference Room
·         Dog Run

Improved Features:
·         Larger Student Rooms
·         Four Student Rooms designed for diverse medical needs
·         Three Television viewing areas
·         New Disklavier Piano
·         Accessible Raised Bed Gardening Area
·         Expanded Nursing Station
·         Medication Room
·         Nursing Report Room
·         Additional Computer Access Training Rooms
·         Added Offices in Mobility, CNVR, & Recreation Therapy
·         Added Optometry and Mobility waiting areas
·         Increased Storage for Prosthetics
·         Indoor Glare Assessment Area
·         Additional Clean Utility Room

February 24, 2012

2011 WBRC Demographics

Image: 2011 WBRC Demographics Chart(s).

The 2011 WBRC Patient Demographics are now available.  Click on the image above to enlarge the graph.  A summary of the information on the graph follows below:

Patients Served by Program 2011
·         Regular [Basic] Program: 96
·         Computer Access Training: 56
·         Dual: 8
·         Single Area Specific: 21
·         CNVR: 21
·         Total: 202

Average Length of Stay by Program 2011
·         Regular [Basic] Program: 43 Days
·         Computer Access Training: 41 Days
·         Dual: 62 Days
·         Single Area Specific: 30 Days
·         CNVR: 71 Days

Age Range of Patients Served 2011
·         20’s: 6
·         30’s: 4
·         40’s: 7
·         50’s: 30
·         60’s: 57
·         70’s: 28
·         80’s: 52
·         90’s: 18

Gender Statistics 2011
·         Male: 93%
·         Female: 7%

Period of Service 2011
·         World War II: 53
·         Pre-Korea: 1
·         Korea: 18
·         Post-Korea: 14
·         Vietnam: 84
·         Post-Vietnam: 12
·         Persian Gulf: 9
·         OIF/OEF/OND: 11

Visual Diagnosis 2011
·         Other: 33
·         Trauma: 10
·         Cortical Blindness: 3
·         Optic Atrophy: 13
·         AION [Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy]: 6
·         Diabetic retinopathy: 32
·         RP [Retinitis Pigmentosa]: 9
·         Glaucoma: 25
·         ARMD [Age Related Macular Degeneration]: 71

February 13, 2012

WBRC Veterans Get Creative

Photo: A WBRC veteran being instructed in the art of knitting
Several WBRC veterans participated in the VAPAHCS Creative Arts Fair held at the Menlo Park hospital campus last week.  The Creative Arts Fair, hosted by the VAPAHCS Recreation Therapy Service, was in preparation for the Nationwide Veteran's Creative Arts Competition. 

Photo: Another WBRC veteran learns the art of Collage

The event introduced veterans to different types of arts with the hopes that some might be inspired to submit a piece for the nationwide competition.  Art stations included watercolors, collage, cartoon drawing, knitting, and fly fishing lure tying, among many others.  Staff and volunteers were available at each of the stations along with materials to promote veteran knowledge and participation. 

Photo: A WBRC veteran works on a watercolor painting

Many of the WBRC veterans completed art projects during the fair including watercolors, collages, and wooden boxes.  The positive response of our veterans to the arts fair has continued to influence WBRC with the start of a weekly arts group run by the WBRC Recreation Therapy department.  Since the fair the group has met twice and has focused on art projects and adaptive methods including use of low vision prosthetics and tactile techniques. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Nationwide Veteran's Creative Arts Competition

February 1, 2012

February VIST Meetings Scheduled for Palo Alto and Stockton

Image: VIST Logo
The Visual Impairment Services Team (VIST) group is open to all veterans, Active-Duty Service Members, family members and those interested in promoting the community of B/VI veterans in the region are welcome. We have varying presentations and discussions of new technology, special training and many subjects relevant to B/VI persons.

In lieu of the February Palo Alto VIST group meeting there will be a VIVA Rally held at the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center in San Jose, CA Thursday February 16th from 9:30 am – 2:00 pm at the address below:
Santa Clara Valley Blind Center
101 North Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA
For more information call 650.852.3467 or 408.295.4016

The VIVA Rally will feature premier services such as leading –edge research into a broad spectrum of rehabilitation and technology to benefit persons with vision loss. The 20-30 minute presentations will feature VA staff researchers specialized in the physical and psychological aspects of visual impairment. Following each presentation a Q&A opportunity will be provided. There are 4 key presentations scheduled and additional facilities are provided for showcasing the range of VA Rehabilitative skills offered at the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, specialists in benefits and registration/eligibility will be available on site.  The event is open to all veterans, family members, caregivers and persons interested in assisting veterans with significant visual impairments.

The next Stockton VIST group meeting will be held on Thursday February 23rd from 10:30 am to 11:30 am at the address below:
Stockton Community Center for the Blind
Conference Room
130 W Flora St
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 466-3836