February 13, 2012

WBRC Veterans Get Creative

Photo: A WBRC veteran being instructed in the art of knitting
Several WBRC veterans participated in the VAPAHCS Creative Arts Fair held at the Menlo Park hospital campus last week.  The Creative Arts Fair, hosted by the VAPAHCS Recreation Therapy Service, was in preparation for the Nationwide Veteran's Creative Arts Competition. 

Photo: Another WBRC veteran learns the art of Collage

The event introduced veterans to different types of arts with the hopes that some might be inspired to submit a piece for the nationwide competition.  Art stations included watercolors, collage, cartoon drawing, knitting, and fly fishing lure tying, among many others.  Staff and volunteers were available at each of the stations along with materials to promote veteran knowledge and participation. 

Photo: A WBRC veteran works on a watercolor painting

Many of the WBRC veterans completed art projects during the fair including watercolors, collages, and wooden boxes.  The positive response of our veterans to the arts fair has continued to influence WBRC with the start of a weekly arts group run by the WBRC Recreation Therapy department.  Since the fair the group has met twice and has focused on art projects and adaptive methods including use of low vision prosthetics and tactile techniques. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Nationwide Veteran's Creative Arts Competition

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  1. This is awesome! To experience an opportunity where you can observe, learn and then bring it back to your program and integrate a healthy approach for coping with illness, injury or stress; as well as learn a skill that can initiate creative expression and develop new skills or unrealized talents is a great share!