March 22, 2017

Alumnus Poem's

WBRC recently received two poems written by Alumnus Vincent Castro that he read during previous graduation ceremonies at the WBRC. Vince has graciously agreed to share them here on the WBRC Blog. Thanks Vince!

Don’t see me as I am.
But see me for who I am.
You see the world one way and I see it in another.
But yet it’s the same world.
You wake up to the sunrise and see just the light bursting through your window, I wakeup and feel the pouring warmth as it gently covers my soul.
Don’t feel sad for me.  I see more then you think.
When you see a tree in the park you see just a tree,
I see a tree and hear the life that it cradles in its arms and the sweet fragrant as it whispers and gently brushes over me.
So don’t feel sad for me, I see more then you think.
Yes we may not see what you see, we just see it in a another way.   So don’t feel sad for us, we are just Like you.  You see!     

My Second chance  
Is this true? In this world they say that there is no second chance.
Are we alone in this world, or have we been forgotten?
Do we even exist?  Or does anyone care? 
Has the world turned its back on us?
Are we alone and left in the dark?
And some carrying the pain that no one knows,
And how deep it is cutting into their soul.
What have we done to deserve this?
And then she came into are lives.
With her arms open welcoming us into her home.
She starts to heal the pain that we carry.
 As she listens to are needs.  And gives us a second chance.
I myself am so grateful for you giving me back my life again.
Yes, I am talking about all of you at the WBRC.  I thank you from my heart, for my second chance, and for all my brothers and sisters that you have given back their lives.  Thank you.  

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