March 7, 2017

How Reachers Can Help With Fall Prevention

Image: Pik Stick Reacher
How many times have you been unable to reach a can, a bottle, or any object because it was too high to reach?  Instead of grabbing a stool or chair to stand on, the Pik Stick can easily assist you on your mission. WBRC Nursing issues and trains on the Pik Stick Reacher to those Veterans that need a Reacher for fall prevention.  The Pik Stick Reacher  is a simple device allowing anyone to reach items on the ground or above height level.  With its ergonomic grip, strong aluminum shaft, and adjustable rotating claw this Reacher’s design is an award winning tool in fall prevention.

Fall prevention topics/devices like the Reacher are discussed in the WBRC’s Matter of Balance Program (MOB) which is currently offered on a quarterly basis. Please contact a VIST coordinator in your area to find out more information about the MOB program.

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