April 3, 2017

WBRC Introduces Moving Forward Class

Moving Forward Class: Problem Solving Skills

As part of the WBRC Matter of Balance Program, a fall prevention program,  Psychologist, Dr. Laura Peters, facilitates a class called “Moving Forward.”  The Moving Forward Class was developed nationally by VA to increase Veterans’ abilities to cope with stressful life problems, such as vision loss.  This is done by teaching better ways of dealing with harmful emotions, supporting a sense of hope that problems can be solved, and teaching ways of dealing with stressful problems in a more organized way.  WBRC Veterans have enjoyed the class and have found it worthwhile.  Not only have they learned practical skills, but also developed increased confidence when addressing problems.

Dr. Peters is a now a National Consultant for the Moving Forward Program.  She will mentor six other VA Mental Health Providers, helping them to implement the Moving Forward Program with a variety of Veterans across the country. 

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