March 9, 2016

WBRC Staff Peer Review APH Publication

Image: APH Information about a new web based publication
for Orientation and Mobility Specialists
WBRC would like to congratulate two of it's staff members for recently peer reviewing a new publication through the American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.  John Kingston, WBRC Orientation and Mobility Department Supervisor, and Anthony Chambers, WBRC CNVR Program Coordinator were a part of the team which peer reviewed the APH's new publication 'Orientation and Mobility for Wheelchair Users With Visual Impairment or Blindness'.  The web-based publication is intended to help Orientation and Mobility Instructors learn how to train students who are wheelchair users to travel safely and effectively. 

Mr. Kingston and Mr. Chambers were excellent choices for peer reviewers due to their experience with the WBRC's Power Mobility Program which trains participants who are medically indicated to use Power Mobility Devices such as Power Wheelchairs and Power Scooters.  This program focuses on safe and independent use of these devices in a variety of travel environments in which the participant plans to travel.  Travel training environments could include indoor, campus, residential, business, urban, rural, as well as public transportation use.  Participants work one-on-one with a WBRC Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialist and must demonstrate consistent application of O&M power mobility safety recommendations prior to device issuance.  The average length of stay for the Power Mobility Program is four weeks.

Congratulations John and Tony!

CLICK HERE to view information about this publication on the APH website

The Western Blind Rehabilitation Center (WBRC) is a 27-bed residential facility located at the Menlo Park Division of the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.  Approximately two hundred veterans and active duty service members of all ages participate in the program each year.  More than three quarters have usable vision for which specialized treatment is provided.  Adjusting to and managing visual impairment is the major objective of the program.  If you are in the area and are interested in a site visit, please call (650) 614-9952 to make arrangements.

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