March 17, 2016

WBRC Alumnus Update: Terry Kebbel

Photo: WBRC Alumnus Terry (left) with wife (right)

WBRC Recently received a letter and photo from Alumnus Terry Kebbel, which he graciously agreed could be shared here on the WBRC blog.  Thanks Terry!

Thank you Western Blind Rehab Center for the training I received in November.  I was able to navigate the trail at Bandelier National Park using a two cane technique that Summer [My WBRC Orientation and Mobility Specialist] taught me. It was a 1 ½ mile trek with an increased elevation and irregular stone steps. My sighted guide and I were able to travel quite easily.

Photo description: I am on the left side of a wooden ladder that leads to a cave dwelling at Bandelier Park. My wife, Maryellen, is to the right of the ladder.

Terry also contributes to

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