April 13, 2015

PBS Doucmentary Films at WBRC

The Western Blind Rehabilitation Center was honored to host the film crew of "Sight: The Story of Vision", a PBS feature length documentary that will present the past, present and future of sight.  The film is being produced by Koenig Films in association with SOPTV for public television broadcast and distribution.  It is expected to air in the fall of 2015 and will be accompanied by a special version designed to be shown in planetariums around the world.
Photo: Niki Sandlan, Blind Rehab. Service Chief Director, is interviewed by the film crew.
The film crew visited the WBRC for two full days of shooting and interviews on March 26th and 27th.  They interviewed many of the WBRC Veterans and staff members and spent time in many skill areas including Visual Skills, Manual Skills, Living Skills and Orientation and Mobility.
Photo: A WBRC Veteran is filmed using a CCTV to read printed materials.

They also interviewed WBRC research personel, observed the WBRC's Comprehensive Neurological Vision Rehabilitation (CNVR) speciality program including the NVT light panel and IM training, and the WBRC tandem cycling program through recreation therapy. 
Photo: A WBRC Veteran is filmed while training on the NVT light panel.

"Sight: The Story of Vision" later posted the following on their Facebook Page:

'We spent Thursday and Friday at the VA's Western Blind Rehabilitation Center in Palo Alto, where a team of dedicated MDs, ODs and therapists retrain vets with vision loss to live full lives...

Empowering the vets and teaching them to overcome vision loss takes place everyday at WBRC. Vets are given therapy, trained on low vision aids and physical activity including tandem bike riding...

Heroes serving heroes is the best way to describe the WBRC...

If you know a vet suffering vision loss please put them in contact with VA and the WBRC. Their lives will be changed for the better.'

CLICK HERE to view the "Sight: The Story of Vision" Website

CLICK HERE to view the "Sight: The Story of Vision" Facebook Page

CLICK HERE to view the "Sight: The Story of Vision" Trailer


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