October 16, 2012

HumanWare Announces Free Map Updates for Trekker Breeze Talking GPS System

Photo: Trekker Breeze GPS Unit

Trekker Breeze Users:
Humanware has announced new updated maps for the Trekker Breeze GPS system. Veterans that have completed the WBRC GPS Mobility program and have been issued a Trekker Breeze should be aware of the new changes to the maps which will expand the functionality of the device and consider using the free updates. The updated maps include changes such as street names, new developments, and points of interest. 


What you need to know:

·         To obtain your new Breeze maps, log into license.humanware.com with your Breeze serial number and email address and select your chosen map region. You will receive an email with a download location and instructions for how to download and transfer your maps to your Breeze.

·         New maps contain updated street names and layouts, new and updated points of interest, along with new supported points of interest categories.

Veterans interested in learning more about the WBRC GPS Mobility program should contact their VIST Coordinator for more information.

CLICK HERE to update your Trekker Breeze GPS Maps

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Trekker Breeze GPS 

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