November 4, 2011

WBRC Digs Up 1998 Time Capsule in Preparation for Move

Photo: The WBRC time capsule buried in 1998 has been
dug up in preparation for the move to Menlo Park
The Staff of WBRC were surprised last week at their staff meeting by the presentation of the time capsule that had been buried on the grounds around the WBRC in 1998 by staff and students.  The time capsule was filled with items and buried in 1998 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of VA Blind Rehabilitation.  The plaque that marked the location of the time capsule reads "In Recognition of the 50th Anniversary of VA Blind Rehabilitation and the 23,000 blinded veterans who have been served by the VA Blind Rehabilitation programs, a time capsule was dedicated on October 23, 1998.  To be opened October 23, 2098".  WBRC will honor the plan, moving the time capsule to be displayed at the temporary Menlo Park location and then burying it underground once they return to their permanent location in Palo Alto. 

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