November 10, 2011

Veterans Day 2011

Photo: American Flag
WBRC would like to honor the men and women of our country that have served and are serving in our armed forces.  Thank you for your service to our fine country and it's people.  the following is an excerpt from the 2011 Veterans Day Presidential Proclamation:

'Today, our Nation comes together to honor our veterans and commemorate the legacy of profound service and sacrifice they have upheld in pursuit of a more perfect Union. Through their steadfast defense of America’s ideals, our service members have ensured our country still stands strong, our founding principles still shine, and nations around the world know the blessings of freedom. As we offer our sincere appreciation and respect to our veterans, to their families, to those who are still in harm’s way, and to those we have laid to rest, let us rededicate ourselves to serving them as well as they have served the United States of America.'

CLICK HERE to read the Full Presidential Proclamation

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