April 8, 2011

New Admissions Coordinator Named

Newly appointed WBRC Admissions Coordinator Don Vu

WBRC is proud to announce that Mr. Don Vu has accepted the position of WBRC Admissions Coordinator. Mr. Vu has been filling the role of Acting Admissions Coordinator for the past six months. His role as Admissions Coordinator became official as of March 27th, 2011.

Prior to his current position Mr. Vu was a WBRC instructor in the Computer Access Training Program since April of 2001. He earned his bachelor's degree in Psychology and worked in several fields prior to joining the VA including accessibility consulting. On a personal note, Mr. Vu is currently training to run the '100th Annual Bay to Breakers' 12 K race taking place in San Francisco in May of this year. Mr. Vu reports that he still loves working at the WBRC after 10 years and is excited to continue to provide excellent services to our veterans in his new role.

To contact Don Vu, please e-mail him at don.vu@va.gov or telephone at 650-493-5000 x64359.

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