April 1, 2011

'Be Ready' for a Disaster - Extra Steps Needed for Persons with Visual Impairments

The Bay Area Chapter of the Red Cross has published an information pamphlet titled 'Be Red Cross Ready'. The pamphlet includes steps needed to prepare for a variety of disasters including what is needed for a disaster kit, determining where to meet your family in the case of a disaster, establishing an out of area phone contact person, developing and escape plan, and what extra steps persons with visual impairments may wish to consider.

The pamphlet suggests including these steps if you have a visual impairment:

• A talking or Braille clock or large-print timepiece with extra batteries in your emergency kit

• One extra long white cane in your emergency kit

• Extra magnifiers and/or glasses in your emergency kit

• Mark your disaster supplies items with fluorescent tape, large print or Braille

• Mark your gas, water and electric shutoff valves with fluorescent tape, large print or Braille

If you have a service animal you should also pack a kit with items for their needs as well such as extra dog food, water, etc.

CLICK HERE for a link to the 'Be Red Cross Ready' Pamphlet PDF

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