October 1, 2010


Image of the Trekker Breeze GPS Device Courtesy of Humanware

Humanware has announced free upgraded software available for download to Trekker Breeze users. Veterans that have completed the WBRC GPS Mobility program and have been issued a Trekker Breeze should be aware of the new changes to the software which will expand the functionality of the device and consider using the free upgrade.

The upgrade includes a "What's Around" extended search feature which will allow users to select one of the ten following category groups. The search will announce the 50 closest POIs/landmarks within a distance of 5 miles:
- Landmarks (Personal)
- Transportation
- Food
- Banking
- Health
- Shopping
- Lodging
- Education
- Automotive
- All categories

Users will then be able to select a Point of Interest or landmark from the list presented in the “What’s around” search and the Breeze will provide turn instructions to that destination once users press the “Confirm” key. Other upgrades include enhanced voice, advanced street position accuracy, and more information provided when traveling in a vehicle.

Veterans interested in learning more about the WBRC GPS Mobility program should contact their VIST Coordinator for more information.

PRESS HERE to learn more about the BREEZE upgrades

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