October 6, 2010


Photo: Senior Airman Michael Malarsie proposing to girlfriend Jesse Lengstorf
upon his arrival home at the airport after WBRC graduation.
Photo courtesy of the Valencia County News-Bulletin

WBRC alumnus Michael Malarsie was profiled in the Valencia County News-Bulletin in May of 2010. The story profiled his arrival home after rehabilitation at the WBRC.

"At 3 p.m., a plane from Los Angeles touched down, bringing Senior Airman Michael Malarsie home to a heroes welcome after months of rehabilitation in Palo Alto, California...

As Michael Malarsie came through the departure gates, flanked by his parents, applause burst from the two-dozen people forming a flag-lined corridor of welcome. A bagpiper struck up "God Bless America" and the tears flowed.

Malarsie knelt first to embrace his numerous nieces and nephews, who were obviously thrilled to see Uncle Michael.

Then he hugged a new special someone in his life, girlfriend Jesse Lengstorf. Malarsie knelt a second time and reached inside his blue dress jacket, producing a diamond ring. To more cheering and applause, Lengstorf accepted his proposal.
"We had talked about it, but I told him nothing public," Lengstorf laughed, wiping away tears from her smile.

Lengstorf met Malarsie while he was in the rehab center. "I am so glad he's home, but I know that can't compare to what his family has been feeling the past months," she said. "I am so happy. We can move on and start a life. Maybe even go on a real date."...

"This is great," Malarsie said of his homecoming. "I have never been more excited about anything in my life." "

Michael has called to let us know that Jesse and he were married and honeymooned this summer. All the staff of WBRC wish to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Michael and Jesse on their marriage.

For a LINK to the full length News-Bulletin Article CLICK HERE

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