October 16, 2015

WBRC Completes 11th Annual White Cane Awareness Walk

Photo: White Cane Awareness Walk participants pose on the Palo Alto City Hall steps
Thank you to everyone who helped plan, implement, and who participated in the 11th Annual WBRC White Cane Awareness Walk in Palo Alto, CA on October 15, 2015. The walk was a huge success with over 60 participants from the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center, Lions Club, Vista Center, WBRC Alumni, and past WBRC O&M Interns. 
Photo: Walk participants cross Bryant Street in downtown Palo Alto, CA.

On October 6, 1964, a joint resolution of the Congress, HR 753, was signed into law authorizing the President of the United States to proclaim October 15 of each year as "White Cane Safety Day".  White Cane Safety Day is now celebrated all around the world.  Each year on October 15th, the President of the United States proclaims the day of White Cane Safety Day to “to recognize the contributions of Americans who are blind or have low vision”.

Photo: Walk participants parade down University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, CA

White Cane Safety Day is annual opportunity to increase awareness about the white cane and a chance to educate the public how the white cane:

  • Signifies that the pedestrian is either blind or visually impaired 
  • Educates the public about “White Cane Laws” which gives the pedestrian the right of way and certain legal protections when traveling with the white cane  
  • Symbolizes independence, confidence, dignity and a powerful tool for the visually impaired traveler

President Clinton in his 2000 White Cane Day proclamation said, “The white cane is a simple tool…it reminds us that the only barriers against people with disabilities are discriminatory attitudes and practices that our society has too often placed in their way".

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