December 17, 2013

WBRC Publishes 2013 Annual Review Newsletter

Image: Cover Page of the 2013 WBRC Annual Review

WBRC is proud to announce that it has published the 2013 WBRC Annual Review Newsletter.  The 20 page newsletter for 2013 includes information about the WBRC’s new iProgram, WBRC research history, Charles Bonnet syndrome, the white cane law, money identification and organization tips, a new manual skills project; updates from WBRC nursing, recreation therapy, and B500 construction; a letter from the director; current WBRC contact information; and an article regarding the retirement of Mr. Richard Ludt.  Paper copies of the Newsletter have just been mailed out to 2013 WBRC Alumni.  Additional print copies of the newsletter may be requested by contacting the WBRC at (650) 614-9952 while supplies last.

CLICK HERE to view the WBRC 2013 Annual Review Newsletter (PDF Version)

CLICK HERE to view the WBRC 2013 Annual Review Newsletter (Text Only Version)

The Western Blind Rehabilitation Center (WBRC) is a 27-bed residential facility located at the Menlo Park Division of the VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Approximately two hundred veterans and active duty service members of all ages participate in the program each year. More than three quarters have usable vision for which specialized treatment is provided. Adjusting to and managing visual impairment is the major objective of the program. If you are in the area and are interested in a site visit, please call (650) 614-9952 to make arrangements.

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