June 14, 2012

Two WBRC Orientation and Mobility Interns Complete 11 Week Program

WBRC O&M Interns, Elizabeth and Kim, Complete 11 week Internship Program
Photo from left to right: Elizabeth Hilburn WBRC O&M Intern, Kim Salazar WBRC O&M Intern, and Rasan Gray WBRC Intern Coordinator.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Hilburn and Kim Salazar for completing their 11 week Orientation and Mobility Internship Program at the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center.  Elizabeth and Kim are both Master’s Level Orientation and Mobility Students from California State University Los Angles.  They will both be graduating from California State University Los Angles with a Master’s Degree in Special Education, emphasis on Orientation and Mobility in June 2012. 

The Western Blind Rehabilitation Center Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Internship Program began in 1968.  As a result of advances in evidence based assessment and treatment curriculum for Low Vision O&M made by WBRC, a full time O&M Intern Coordinator was added to the program in 1979.  Affiliation agreements allow Master’s level students from California State University, Los Angles, San Francisco State University, and Western Michigan University to participate in the WBRC O&M Internship Program.  Up to five interns at a time participate in the 11 - 16 week internship period and are an active part of the treatment team for veterans participating in Blind and Low Vision rehabilitation at WBRC.  

The O&M Internship Program also provides approximately 100 hours of additional instruction including Glare Remediation, Low Vision Cane Skills and Visual Scanning assessment and training, and Monocular Telescope Techniques.  Over 450 interns have successfully completed the WBRC O&M Internship Program at this time. 

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