September 28, 2011

WBRC Staff 'Walk Through' New Menlo Park Building

Photo: Exterior view of new WBRC building and outdoor Recreation
Therapy area including golf putting green and horseshoe pits.
Wednesday September 14th - A small group of WBRC staff completed a walk through of the Menlo Park temporary WBRC building.  The current WBRC building on the Palo Alto Campus is scheduled to be demolished, and a new state of the art facility will be built over the same site which will house a significantly larger WBRC facility and a new Polytruama facility.
Photo: WBRC staff review building plans prior to walk through.
The temporary Menlo Park structure is made up of 52 modular sections arranged on one level and covers 42,000 square feet.  It will provide the WBRC with much needed increased training, office, and storage space while the permanent Palo Alto location is constructed.

Photo: WBRC Staff tour the basic shop area.
Currently construction consists of mostly finishing work with painting, trim, and flooring being installed.  The construction is expected to be completed near the end of 2011 with the WBRC move pending shortly after final inspection and approval of the site. 

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