August 2, 2011

WBRC Veterans Attend San Jose Giants Game

Written by Matthew Collins, WBRC O&M Specialist

Image of a base, baseball, glove and bat
On July 30th, some of the veterans of the WBRC attended a minor league baseball game between the San Jose Giants and the Lancaster JetHawks.  Kettlecorn, Ice Cream, and Churros were just a few of the snacks consumed during the mid-season match-up at the San Jose Municipal Stadium.  The family friendly event had fans of all ages cheering for their teams, and Rick Worlitz, a WBRC GPS student commented “It’s great to see the kids here have so much fun.” 

While the JetHawks put up a fight, the Giants won 4-3 in just a mere two hours.  The San Jose Giants, a farm team of the San Francisco Giants, have had many eventual big leaguers, including Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, and Pablo Sandoval play for the team.  Reserved seating, friendly parking staff, and plenty of volunteer help made for yet another successful event.  Go Giants!  

A few tips for baseball fans with vision loss:
  • Bring your glare control to the game, a hat with a minimum 3" brim and a good pair of sunglasses may help you follow the game more comfortably.
  • Bring your long cane or other mobility device, you never know when you may want to head to the restroom or concession stand on your own.
  • Bring your magnification devices: a monocular telescope could help you spot the batter and check the scoreboard independently, and a hand held magnifier or other device could help you access score sheet and prices in the souvenir shop.
  • Bring a small handheld radio and earphones: Many games are broadcast over the air so a radio and earphones can help you follow the action at the game without having to ask others what is going on. 

Are you a baseball fan with vision loss? has made it's website more accessible for users with vision impairments.  Learn more by CLICKING HERE for a LINK to the press release.

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