May 20, 2011

Introducing CAT Skills: Keyboard Shortcuts

Picture of a person's hand on a computer keyboard
CAT (Computer Access Training) Skills is a new feature on the WBRC Blog that offers tips, techniques, trouble-shooting ideas and answers to frequently asked questions to CAT graduates and other WBRC students utilizing accessible computer technology, like ZoomText, Guide, JAWS and Dragon.  Follow the WBRC Blog and look for the monthly CAT Skills.  Featured this month are everyday keyboard shortcuts for all computer users.  Stay tuned for tips on ZoomText.

Everyday Shortcut Key Commands
Ctrl C = Copy (copy selected text)
Ctrl X = Cut (cut selected text)
Ctrl V = Paste (paste selected text)
Ctrl Z = Undo (undo last command)  
Ctrl P = Print
Ctrl S = Save
ALT Tab = Toggle between running programs
ALT F4 = Close open windows or programs
Ctrl T = Opens a new Tab in Internet Explorer

Post contributed by Susan Marshall, CATs Instructor

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