March 16, 2011

WBRC Tours New RFBD Recording Studio

Interior of a recording booth at the newly located Recording
for the Blind & Dyslexic offices in Palo Alto, CA

Ten staff from the Western Blind Rehabilitation Center (WBRC) toured the newly located Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) offices in Palo Alto, CA during the RFB&D ‘Record-A-Thon’ in March 2011. The staff participated in a tour of the new facility as well as education regarding the RFB&D services, membership, and technology. RFB&D, originally founded for wounded veterans, works to bring accessible materials to individuals with visual and learning disabilities, free of charge. Materials ranging from fiction novels to advanced subject textbooks including science and mathematics are voice recorded by volunteers and are made available via the RFB&D website. This can be extremely valuable as volunteers are able to explain charts and graphs that are not ‘translated’ when scanning documents.

WBRC staff got a chance to take a look at books marked with
notes prior to recording to guide the volunteer reading the materials

Currently the RFB&D has 20 recording studios throughout the United States and has recorded approximately 78,000 books. Members are able to download these recorded books free of charge using their computer and can also request the RFB&D to record books not currently available for download. RFB&D has also recently published an iTunes application which allows users to use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod to access the RFB&D data base and download books without using a computer.

For a LINK to the RFB&D website CLICK HERE

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